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The MyLlyons Team

MyLlyons LLC is a two person shop... this guarantees that you get to work with the owner. Christy pays attention to personal details and Tom takes care of the technology.

Christy Dannheim

Christy has a knack for building a beautiful garden. Her homes in California, Ohio and Texas prove that her personal touch can make a rock grow.

She has travelled extensively including Europe, Russia, Central America, the Middle East and Indonesia. How many blonde-haired blue-eyed girls from Waco, Texas can say they graduated from Jakarta International High School?

Christy's experience at Nordstrom and Chevron shaped her understanding of customer service. The corporate cube is not her favorite environment.

Charles "Tom" Castro

Tom is not your typical techno-geek. He has the fantastic ability to work with creative types to build technical solutions.

His ecommerce project management experience at Gap Inc. Direct the online division of Gap Inc. (, and This work gave him glimpses into fashion and apparel and the complexities of large ecommerce sites. His current role as a Project Manager at Dell Computer Corporation gives him glimpses into a huge ecommerce site.

Tom's role at MyLlyons is to keep the customer (and the boss) happy. You will see his "keep it simple, do it right" philosophy reflected in the MyLlyons and TexasLBB web sites.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of San Francisco, a Graduate Certificate in Web Development from Golden Gate University, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

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How MyLlyons Puts It Together

We hired Cheryl Pascual, a New York based artist to deign our site layout and define the style and graphic elements on the Texas Little Black Book project.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 is used to organize and prepare our graphics for the web. Some of the basic photo clean-up is done in Google's Picasa. We generally shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel or Canon PowerShot A590IS. For our stock images we use iStockPhoto which has an extensive library and good prices.

1and1 provides web hosting and email services for MyLlyons and Texas Little Black Book. We use Blogger and Microsoft LiveWriter for Austin Area Styles and Trends. We have also experimented with Jott. Microsoft Expression Web is a vast improvement over FrontPage. Check our code! Fast and easy templates, strong CSS support and plenty of built-in testing.

Our online commerce is driven by three key partners: eBay, Amazon and PayPal. They offer the solid platforms, the consistent presentation and the security that our users expect.